I’m Lauren Brine from Stage2 and I am taking part as a Writer in The Young Writers’ Festival.

I wrote a piece called, Two minds, One brain, which is all about a young boy and how his life changes after a brain transplant. When the piece was finally finished I was inexplicably relieved/happy, and then came the next anticipation: the casting.

When I first received the e-mail telling me about my cast, I read it and I was happy. Just happy. I thought it sounded good and all the people fit the parts assigned to them, but nothing more than happy. But then came the second Saturday back, the next week. And as I was watching the cast come together, talk to each other and read through the script, I began to realise it was in fact a very good match. Everyone works together and there is the perfect balance of ages, maturity and experience.

On this same day, was the first rehearsal. As I said, I am a writer, but I chose not to act in my own piece, so instead I sit with Alex (the director of my piece) as he directs, inputting my opinion’s and generally observing form the side. And as I watched the first blocking directions being put into place, it made me see a different side of my piece. A piece that I had written. A piece that I had spent at a whole summer on, looked different. The cast and the actions when paired with the script made it come alive, and as I watched Alex direct it, and the actors act, I was very, very, very happy.

The first rehearsal went well, and really showed how well the cast work together. As well as the beginning of the blocking process, we also did research, read throughs and character-building exercises. All of which were very beneficial. Overall, it has been such an amazing process that I am proud to say I am part of, even though it has only been fully going for two weeks.


The Young Writers’ Festival

20th & 21st December 2019 – 7.30pm – £12

@The Hexagon Theatre, MAC Birmingham

Tickets available online via the MAC Website