Ex-member Connor Fox (Romeo from our 2011 production of Romeo & Juliet) has just finished as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing at the Oxford Shakespeare Festival. Company founder Liz and members Elijah and Louis were lucky enough to get to go and see him shine on stage. We are so proud of Connor for the incredible performance he delivered!

‘Due to the strength of the characterisation in this production and the skill of the actors playing Benedick and Claudio (Connor Fox and Christian Peterson) the initial scenes place this to the fore, as much as the romance between Claudio and Hero (Amber Anne Allen) and the ongoing skirmishing between Beatrice (Beth Burns) and Benedick. The relationship between Benedick and Claudio was made more prominent than in any other productions of this play I have seen and the play felt much better balanced for it. It was as if a missing piece of the play had been found. The two actors were very well matched and played off one another in a way you might expect from two young men who had been comrades-in-arms.’