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Stage2 is a very busy company, so make sure you’re on top of the info by having all your questions answered – this is a compilation of questions that we’re frequently asked!
For everything else just fill out an enquiry!

Can We Pay Weekly?
Can we pay weekly?

As our activities reach beyond weekly classes and as a legal requirement/clause of our insurances, we need contribution and commitment to a term, at the beginning of the term ie before the member joins in with the first session… However if you are unable to pay the full amount ‘up front’ we do have a Subsidy Policy, details of which can be found on this website.

Do You Still Have Places Available?
Do you still have places available?

Currently we are lucky enough to be able to offer places to new members every term. If you are interested in joining please see the Joining section. New members are encouraged to book in advance but can also enrol at the start of the new term (September, January, April).

What is the Subsidy Policy
What is the Subsidy Policy

A scheme whereby members can claim a full bursary or a part subsidy for any aspect of the company that requires money. There is a simple straightforward procedure, which, like many things is on our print table in reception or available on our website.

We strongly believe that no-one should be denied any opportunity for any reason – including a financial challenge – and this commitment to Equal Opportunities is at the core of our company. The Policy gives simple, clear instructions of how to apply but if you have any queries please contact us for a confidential chat.

What is the Difference Between Stage1 & Stage2?
What is the Difference Between Stage1 & Stage2?

Stage1 is for all 7 and 8 year olds (and some 9 and 10 year olds) who may not be able to cope with the numbers in groups or the content of the session or the work required outside of a Saturday in Stage2.

Also research and past experience has shown us that it is around the ages of 9 and 10 that young people can take their own notes, pass on information, have considered opinions, learn blocking, take responsibility for their own learning etc;

Stage2 is for 9-21 year olds who feel confident they can cope with all this. Any 9 or 10 year old who is not sure can come to the main Stage2 intro and decide after that which option they would like to attend from the following week.

(Stage1 has a less formal intro one week after the main Stage2 intro).

Why Do We Have To Provide Our Own Costumes?
Why Do We Have To Provide Our Own Costumes?

Primarily because we do shows with over 100 people and the logistics of us finding separate costumes for every individual would be impossible.

We always ensure that costumes are easy to find and produce detailed costume sheets with descriptions and pictures well in advance. We then encourage members to ask each other if they are struggling to find specific items and many items are leant out.

If a costume is difficult ie Tudor-set Shakespeare we will hire it (though probably still ask individuals to find basic items such as shirts/trousers etc.). It also helps members to create individual characters and to express this through costume that they have thought about themselves.

What Would I Be Committing To?
What Would I Be Committing To?

We believe that opportunities are yours to take full advantage of (or not). The minimum commitment we expect is for a member to attend a half day workshop for the duration of that term. It is possible to miss weeks if these are pre-informed, although the full term fee is still payable. Beyond this, we expect that additional commitments are honoured. Every opportunity from performance through to Mentor post comes with a clear and detailed plan of time deadlines etc, and we expect this time to be put-in. If this becomes impractical or difficult, we would prefer to know so we can work together to reassess the workload.

What Skills Will I Develop?
What Skills Will I Develop?

Stage2 aims to develop personal and professional skills through drama. Each term results in an opportunity to perform in a professional venue, without the need to audition, but this is not compulsory. Throughout a year we also run full term workshops looking at both off stage performance skills (technical training) and other related life skills. The committee opportunities available to members (who can devote additional time) also provide training in marketing, fundraising and mentoring.

What Can Parents Do To Help?
What Can Parents Do To Help?

There are many things that Parents can do to support the company. Every term we hold a coffee morning for parents to come along and meet other parents and discuss Stage2. Your questions and chats help to inform our practice and cater for your children in the best possible way. We have Parent Volunteers who help at events, operate a Facebook and Twitter account and act in a general liaison capacity.

It is really important for parents to read all of the information given and ensure that their child is always on time for events with the correct paperwork, costume, etc. Doing things in advance also really helps, buying tickets, booking for next term and asking questions as soon as they occur.

It would also really help us if parents could put up print in windows, cars or in work places, and generally spread the word about Stage2.

How Do I Get Cast?
How Do I Get Cast?

Auditions for Casts are held at the end of the previous term. Contracts are given out at least two weeks prior to the auditions, explaining the commitment needed for the show, all the dates you will have to attend and detailing what you will need to prepare for the audition. It is vital that you double check your diaries and other commitments before you decide to be in the show. At the auditions you prepare and learn a piece in advance (or get a sight reading piece on the day). Everyone auditions in front of each other and ‘the panel’ and everyone can choose which order they go in, depending on confidence etc. Auditions are designed to be friendly and welcoming, and you will have the chance to go again if you did not think you did your best. The next week, the cast list is announced. If you did not get a part this time, don’t be discouraged, you can still be in the Chorus and audition the next time, and it may be because there are other parts or plays coming up that may suit you more!

How Do I Take Part in the Tech Crew?
How Do I Take Part in the Tech Crew?

Every production at Stage2 has a Technical Crew responsible for areas such as lighting, sound, costume, stage management and Assistant Directing. Any member of Stage2 can interview to be part of the Technical Team, you don’t need any previous experience as we will train you – it is helpful however if you have attended one of our regular Technical Courses as you will have more of an insight into the roles and be able to make an informed choice. You should also have been in a Stage2 production yourself so you appreciate it from ‘the other side!’

Interviews take place on the same day of the auditions towards the end of each term. They are informal and happen in a group, so there is nothing to be worried about. You just need to think about why you would like to be in the Technical Crew, which aspect you are interested in and what you have to offer. The only role that is a bit different, is Assistant Director, because it carries a lot of responsibility and means getting involved in advance planning.

How Do You Decide Casts?
How Do You Decide Casts?

We spend a lot of time choosing casts. Every member of the company has an individual file and every term their director/workshop leader writes a detailed appraisal of their work and attendance. There is also a space for recommendations for future terms and Core Staff go through these files together and note the suggestions.

Everyone is encouraged to audition and contracts/information sheets are given out well in advance of auditions with full details and dates, to ensure members can make an informed decision. The auditions happen towards the end of the term before so anyone cast can read the script and prepare. Alternative audition dates can be arranged if necessary. We ask members to prepare 4-6 lines of any comic or serious character (depending on the play that term) and they present them in front of tutors and each other, with the opportunity to go again if they feel they have not done themselves justice.

When we allocate specific roles we break it down into thirds
1/3 will have had parts before so they can be important pace setters within the group, giving people a clear example to aspire to

1/3 will have had a small part and shown promise, or just been a great company member, reliable, interested, enthusiastic etc

1/3 will never have had a part before but for the reasons above will be given a real chance to show us what they can do.

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