Our Rules

Every member of Stage2 must:
1. Ensure no one is left out at any time
2. Bring pen, paper and your Stage2 file to all rehearsals/sessions (or electronic versions if that works for you).
3. Be on time and let us know if you are not able to attend
4. Take personal responsibility for catching up on work/info you miss
5. Be responsible for yourself and honour all commitments.
6. Market Stage2 and spread the word.
7. Be positive, have a good attitude & take advantage of opportunities.
8. Have respect for all tutors and other members as well as the spaces and equipment you are working with.
9. Feel part of a company and think about Stage2 between sessions.

Stage2 is here to provide opportunities for you, so let us know what you
want and how it’s going.

Key Values

  • Promotion of self belief and confidence in young people
  • The importance of empowerment and responsibility
  • The benefits of effective Leadership
  • The importance of commitment and loyalty
  • The importance of a sense of achievement and pride (whatever the level)
  • The importance of self motivation and self discipline – punctuality and meeting deadlines etc
  • Promotion of good group awareness and dynamics
  • The desire to always be well prepared
  • Promotion of good communication and social skills
  • The value of commitment and enthusiasm
  • The value of the arts to the community and individual well being
  • The importance of participation as well as observation
  • The importance of education (even for its own sake)
  • A commitment to equality of access to our activities
  • The importance of a happy membership and staff
  • The establishment of a supportive environment where views can be fully expressed and respected
  • The maintenance of high standards in all areas of the company
  • The value of diversity and variety in all areas
  • The need to monitor and evaluate…and subsequently refine and adapt accordingly
  • Clear communication of rules and policies at all levels
  • An openness surrounding future plans and current systems
  • A degree of flexibility in all plans
  • That all aspects of the company must be completely fair

And above all

  • The importance of good memories and positive experiences
  • That the welfare and happiness of members of the company is at all times of paramount importance

     We do this by…

    • Creating a wide range of participatory opportunities within shows and workshops
    • Producing challenging work with high expectations of members’ ability/potential
    • Offering complementary technical, backstage and design training
    • Encouraging young people to experience the administrative side e.g. press, marketing, budgeting etc.
    • Enabling members to study for UCAS accredited qualifications
    • Organising residential trips to everything from Butlins to Italy to Edinburgh, plus theatre trips and parties
    • Offering a “ladder of opportunity” to members enabling them to progress from members to assistants to leaders…and to ensure everyone is aware of this.
    • Discovering members’ new talents and developing existing ones
    • Allowing each member to achieve their highest potential no matter what level that is
    • Developing members life skills e.g. communication, presentation, organisation
    • Encouraging socialisation between all members, regardless of their age, gender, culture, background, all levels of ability and experience
    • Encouraging individuality and self expression by providing a friendly, supportive environment where members can discuss ideas (and problems) at any time
    • Safeguarding members and staff in all our activities
    • Complementing school and parental values (never condoning missing homework/lessons)
    • Engaging members in city initiatives and events (eg ArtsFest)
    • Helping members move on to further education or career option of their choice
    • Supporting members with schoolwork and activities such as D of E and ASDAN awards etc and stimulate interest and excitement in learning generally
    • Supporting members with their activities outside the company – eg setting up their own theatre companies or helping to promote gigs
    • Acting as a conduit for opportunities with other organisations – work experience, placements etc
    • Passing on professional casting information
    • Ensuring Equal Opportunities in all areas of the company including
      • Ensuring no member’s financial situation is a hindrance or an embarrassment
      • Providing additional, yet invisible support to members with a challenge or specific need
    • Ensuring everyone is, and feels like they are, a valued and important member of the company

    07951 122932

    c/o Stage2

    12 Valentine Road

    Kings Heath


    B14 7AN

    Rehearsal Space

    Queensbridge School

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