Stage2 Subsidy Policy

Here you will find all of the information you will need if you are considering applying for a Subsidy through the Stage2 Subsidy Fund. Please feel free at any time to email staff at if you have any questions.

In line with our Equal Opportunities Policy and our number one rule that no-one should ever be left out for any reason – we operate a Subsidy Fund. Any member of the company is entitled to a subsidy contribution for any aspect of Stage2 that costs money – fees, LAMDA tuition (though the candidate must pay for the exam), productions, masterclasses, trips, drama school auditions and travel etc.

Wherever possible the applicant must make a contribution to the cost and the Subsidy Fund will meet the balance. Remember that funds are limited so please make sure your request is genuine and that you have tried your best to raise your maximum contribution.

We need to consistently raise the money from trusts, companies and individuals to maintain this Subsidy Fund and are accountable for every penny that we spend. This means we must ensure that there is correct paperwork for every stage. It is vital that our finances are all accurate and up to date. If you are confused at any stage or want any help with your application, please speak to Core Staff (Liz Light or Rosie Nisbet).

We aim for this policy to be as clear as possible…

Before you apply you must

  • Think about how much you can contribute (this must be submitted via cheque/cash at the same time as the request letter is submitted)
  • Read all information about the ‘activity’ you are applying for i.e LAMDA info sheets, booking forms, options sheets etc so you understand the commitment and costs and can make an informed choice.

Your application must

  • Come in at the right time
  • Term Fees requests and contributions from current Stage2/1 members must be in and approved by the start of the following term.

New members must have submitted an approved subsidy application before they can join.

  • LAMDA tuition requests and contributions from any member must be in by the last Sunday of the previous term.
  • If it is for a trip or something that requires a reply slip, the request and contribution must be submitted with the reply slip.
  • In all other cases please ask us for advice well in advance.
  • Any requests missing the deadlines CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Be in writing, and letters must;
    • Be written by a parent, teacher or social worker or equivalent and be signed & dated with full contact details (including full postal address, email and phone number).
    • Give information about why the subsidy is needed (i.e. current financial situation).
    • Specify who and what the subsidy is for (ie which term/year).
    • Specify the exact amount you are asking for from Stage2’s Subsidy Fund and the contribution you are including from yourself (please demonstrate this adds up to the full cost of the activity).
      • Be handed in to Stage2 Core Staff or posted to 12 Valentine Road, Kings Heath, B’ham, B14 7AN
    • All letters will remain confidential. Only Core Staff will see them. (If you request so, we will not even inform your child(ren) that you have applied for a Subsidy*)

By the end of the ‘activity’ you must

  • Hand in a thank you letter from the member (or parent *see above), which must
    • Acknowledge what the subsidy was for and how it benefited them.
    • Be signed and dated (with full contact details i.e. full postal address, email and phone number)
    • Be handed in to Core Staff by the end of the activity/term.
    • This serves as proof for our funders that the money was spent as stated.
    • No further subsidised activities can be started until a full thank you has been received for their previous request.

 We do hope that this policy is clear in order for you to put in eligible requests.

Please do phone/catch us for a chat if you would like any further clarification or help.

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