Hi there,

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a member, a parent, an ex-member, maybe someone I was at Stage2 with when I was a member, or a student of mine when you were at Stage2 – you might be someone who knows nothing about Stage2 and have stumbled on this through a search or by accident. Whoever you are, welcome to the first post of the new Stage2 blog.

My name is Alex Butler and I’m the new Artistic Director at Stage2 – I’ve worked for the Charity since 2015 as their Company Manager and now, as of September 2018, I’m stepping up and in to the role that had been previously fulfilled by Liz Light (The Company Founder).

I feel that over the course of my employment here, I have seen and been a part of so many positive changes in the way that Stage2 operates, in the way that Stage2 handles young people and their development, in the way that Stage2 is perceived and the way that Stage2 works towards a common goal of empowerment and inclusion for young people across the West Midlands.

My role isn’t going to be easy, but I’m ready for the challenge. As I write this, I do so with an understanding of the weight of expectation currently resting on my shoulders. Stage2 has meant so much to so many, that when I lead Stage2 I am in-fact representing every member of Stage2 who came before and after me.

In much the same way I might ask my students to set themselves Objectives at the start of a project, this Article will serve to briefly highlight what Objectives I intend to set myself for my first year of being Stage2’s Artistic Director.

  1. To improve upon the overall experience of Members when at Stage2
  2. To widen Stage2’s Social Media presence
    • Becoming more representative of current members wants & needs
    • Becoming more representative of the diversity at Stage2
  3. To work towards increasing Stage2’s membership
    • Enabling a greater staff presence
    • Enabling a wider range of activities, productions and venues
  4. To be an Advocate for young people in the arts
    • Seeking opportunities for young people to have a voice and be heard
    • Presenting challenging content (dependent on group) and encouraging student-centred development.
    • To listen to members and their parents about how they feel we could improve Stage2 and its facilities.

In all of the above, my overall objective is to represent Stage2 in the best way that I can and in everything I do; hold the betterment, inclusion and welfare of our members at the heart of our operations.

Whoever you might be – welcome to a new Stage2, let’s make it great, shall we?