Stage2 Staff are furloughing

After careful deliberation and with the approval from our Board of Trustees, Stage2 Core Staff will be undergoing a period of furlough as part of the national government scheme to protect small businesses.

Our intention is to furlough Liz and Alex for a period of three weeks, followed by a week of working, followed by a further three weeks, etc. for the foreseeable. Please see the full list of proposed furloughed dates below.

During these periods, both Liz and Alex will be unable to respond to your emails or contact directly – though they will endeavour to respond to you as soon as they are able. The Stage2 phone has been turned off and please do not attempt to contact either member of staff on their personal phone numbers during this period.

20th April – 10th May : FURLOUGH

11th May – 17th May : WORK

18th May – 7th June : FURLOUGH

8th June – 14th June : WORK

15th June – 5th July : FURLOUGH

6th July – 12th July : WORK

We intend to keep our Saturday online activities running through the help of George and Maya, though please don’t ask them questions to do with the running of the company etc. they may not know the answers!