My name is Daisy Wilkes, and at Stage2 this term, I am directing an original 10 minute play called “Breathless” by Kate Goodall.

When I was trying to find a play to direct, I became dissatisfied by the lack of relevant plays that could create a narrative in the space of ten minutes, as well as being adaptable to a small cast and theatre space. As a result I approached Kate Goodall and commissioned her to write a short piece that fitted the themes I wanted to explore; technology, mental health and social pressures. I also wanted it to be designed specifically for young people to perform.

This has now been developed into a short play where the central character has recently suffered a bereavement, a close friend who died by suicide. The central character finds themselves in a state of declining mental health, vulnerable through their grief and struggling with the pressures of society.

The scenes are interwoven with poetic verse and I intend to create a performance with physical theatre and choral speaking which reflect the emotions and tensions of the central character.

Each member of the cast reflects different aspects of emotions, for example, one voice is pessimistic, another optimistic, sometimes the voices will harmonise and sometimes they will conflict with each other. I am hoping that the play could be interpreted as each cast member reflecting different voices of one person, but that it is also open to audience interpretation.

I am really looking forward to working with the cast and hope to also include their ideas about how the piece would best be performed. I am excited to tackle the challenges and watching how the performance evolves, hopefully forming a contemporary performance which delves into the minds of teenagers today.

By Daisy Wilkes

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