Black Lives Matter

Earlier in the year, we asked members and ex-members of Stage2 to talk to us about their experience of our youth company. The forum was an opportunity for young people to have their say and talk to us about their experiences, in order for our charity to listen and to grow in response. 

Our Principles

We place the wellbeing of young people at the centre of all we do

Stage2 youth theatre company is committed to promoting equal opportunities, to pursuing non-discriminatory policies and practice and eliminating unfair discrimination on grounds of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, class, nationality, creed, colour, ethnic origin, political belief or [dis]ability.

We recognise the need to address under-representation of ethnic minorities amongst our membership and our board.

The Report

Summarises, against each area of focus from the Forum:

The outcomes suggested by the members’ Forum held in response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and its ongoing campaign for social equality

The activities of Stage2 in this focus area which represent good practice and which we already undertake

Recognising we can always strive to improve, those outcomes we, the Stage2 Board, can take forward at present

Outcomes the Company will discuss further with members over coming months to identify how best to continuously improve our practice and activities together

The Timeline

Company Director Alex Butler would like to personally apologise to those individual’s and members of staff who took part in the initial forum that it has taken so long to get this report to where it needs to be. Stage2 is a small charity with big aims and please believe us when we say that we have not been idle in our pursuit of better recognising, representing and celebrating the voices, talents and abilities of young people of ethnic minorities in such a challenging time.

We wanted to ensure that within the report we never made promises that we couldn’t feasibly achieve or provide – given the unprecedented pressures we face as a charity within the pandemic we are doing our best to ensure that any programme we may hold in the future is diverse, representational and inclusive.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Following this report, we will be holding a separate forum for individual’s to provide feedback on the outcomes within the report. 

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