Stage2 is delighted to announce our latest production – a thought-provoking compilation of short plays tackling the greatest threat to the young generation: Climate Change.We know that the Climate Crisis is of deep importance to the younger generation, and that they are all keen to make their voices heard. With this piece, we will be bringing together a diverse cast, chorus and crew made up over 60 9-19 year olds to do just that, making Lighting the Way sure to be an engaging (and at some times confronting) piece of theatre about the state of our world, and what we can do to make things better.

Lighting the Way, originally published by Climate Change Theatre Action in 2019, is a large anthology of plays by internationally acclaimed playwrights. However, with their special permission and backing, Artistic Director Rosie Nisbet has selected nine of these plays and intertwined them with the writing of Stage2 members to create a dynamic and fast-paced piece of theatre that explores the crisis from all angles and opinions.

“The clock is ticking faster and faster and every day there’s some new disaster, some new evidence or some new consequences, some new devastation, and no, I don’t think we can afford to wait one more minute.”

Lighting the Way: Appealing by Paula Cizmar

In Lighting the Way, we see the argument from all sides, right from the student activists to the politicians… but who, ultimately, will you end up holding accountable? Is there anyone that can be held accountable? And what can we do to give this generation the hope it deserves?


This performance follows on from a very successful Double-Bill from Stage2 in August, received with high acclaim from audiences and reviewers alike, with a five-star review. This marked the post-pandemic return to theatre for this staple of the Birmingham Arts scene, having made a remarkable recovery under the new direction of ex-member Rosie Nisbet, and proved that Stage2 is truly back and committed to serving Birmingham’s next generation of young actors.

“…it is as if they have never been away with the same enthusiasm, same flair, same confidence, and many of the same faces… Two plays with unashamedly non-partisan political undertones, but then again if youngsters can’t engage with politics who can?”

Roger Clarke, Behind the Aras, Double-Bill: Status Update/Education Education Education

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Performances on: Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd December 7.45pm (+ Thurs matinee at 2.45pm)

At The Ron Barber Studio Theatre, Brindley Place, B16 8AE

Tickets £13 available at or 0121 643 5858

c/o Stage2

12 Valentine Road

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