Stage2’s 2m Project

Stage2 has been at the heart of youth theatre in Birmingham ever since we opened our doors in 1988. We are a company that strives to push young people in their theatrical endeavours, never shying away from difficult topics.

As we navigate this new world of isolation and social-distancing, here at Stage2 we’re turning our attention to how we can bring people together, if not in person but in creativity and the written word.

We know that our young people from the West Midlands make up some of the best young writers & creatives in the country; that’s why we’re setting a challenge for anyone who wishes to stretch out their fingers in helping us to produce a new, original piece of performance. 

What is the 2m Project?

The 2m Project is intended to be the production of a responsive piece of performance most notably centred around the lived experiences of the nationwide lockdown. We intend to compile the collective works of any and all contributors in order to create a powerful performance piece that will be showcased in our Spring Term Production 2021.

The performance seeks to give voice to lived (but possibly forgotten) experiences of what the lockdown has been like – what we have learned about ourselves, our families, our friends, our country, the governing forces at work or wider to the world as a whole? Any experience is valid, from the youngest to the oldest, and any and all work will be considered for inclusion.

We will be compiling entries into a performance across the Autumn Term 2020 and inviting any young person who wants to get involved in the cast of the performance. Stage2 is an award-winning youth group with an excellent track record of producing high-quality performances and we intend for this performance to be a solely unique experience to get involved with.


How do I get involved?

Getting involved couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is respond.

It can be through any medium: writing, video, dance, artwork or recorded audio (though your response isn’t limited to just these).

You do not have to be a certain age to get involved; this is open to all voices.

Submissions for the performance should be sent to before Friday 31st July. 

Please include the following in your submission:

Your full name, your age and a short paragraph summarising your submission 


What should I write about / How do I start?

Like most great inventions, the best ones start with an idea.

Below we’ve listed a number of stimuli words that you may want to use for an initial response – you don’t have to.

Think of the emotions, sensations and expressions that you’ve felt at any point in the lead up to or during the lockdown and funnel that onto the page, into a video or onto a canvas.

At the bottom of this page we’ll include a number of valuable handouts that might give you some ideas for how to get started.

Connection        |         Isolation          |         Anger           |            Joy            |            Sadness             |            Freedom

Life               |             Response              |           New             |             Alone              |            Together             |                One

School            |            Family                |                Peace               |               Worry              |              Panic               |             Dread

We look forward to hearing from you

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